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Custom recruitment projects, especially where speed and volume are concerned are difficult – that’s why we love them. RPO solutions came and went because ultimately cost alone does not represent value. We have added agility to the model with 1st Source.

1st Source

Most Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions or “Panels” are eventually made moribund by contractual obligations, expectations and reams of policy and procedure documentation. At 1st Executive, we mobilise the power of our networks, deliver a relevant, custom designed team to a specific project whether regional, national or international, complete the project and then move on. We do this, not only for recruitment, but also for advisory, leadership, team building and organisational development.

Or take a look at a couple of examples below.

recruitment process outsourcing - 1st Source

The Challenge

New airline needed 50 cabin crew and supervisors ready to start training in 4 weeks…over Christmas and weren’t resourced to pay recruitment fees

The Solution

Social media campaign including video, auto screening technology, and a simple but more detailed screening process filtered 2000 applicants into 250 Assessment Centre attendees (assessment centres run by HR), resulting in 50 new hires, on time, at a low fee per placement – take off.

1st executive special recruitment blue

The Challenge

Regionally based transport company, family owned had difficulty recruiting anyone other than transient drivers resulting in truck and trailer damage and high turnover.

The Solution

Lifestyle and family rewards based YouTube campaign along with online safety attitudes assessment resulted in most drivers’ partners being enthusiastic about life in a regional town, longer employment tenure and reduced vehicle damage when the safety questionnaire was used to screen.

1st executive custom projects

The Challenge

Consumer electronics company required in-home service teams along Eastern Seaboard for in home installations that needed tech smarts and premium service attitudes. Project to be completed in 6 weeks and demanded 24 hires.

The Solution

High paced extensive screening and group interviews were supported by technical aptitude and values based assessments to assess the service attitude of technicians. Successful candidates commenced a customer service training course in which target criteria had to be met.

1st executive custom projects blue

The Challenge

Client had just lost a high value technical manager and needed to replace from a direct competitor.

The Solution

Executive Search techniques were applied to a technical role. After discreet approaches, contact was made and positioning of the new role was based on industry research and data. This proved the relative business stability of the two competitors and the likely impact on sustainable employment.

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