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When it comes to psychometric assessments, the most important factor that determines effectiveness is the ability to assess and interpret results. Custom design capability into the selection and development of your leaders of today and tomorrow.


Reduce Hiring Risks & Evaluate Talent Pools with Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric tests can provide in-depth evaluations of employees’ strengths, values, personalities and more. To understand an employee thoroughly is to ensure that you are making the most out of their capabilities. It is also accepted that people who understand themselves are likely to be higher achievers

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Why Use Psychometric Assessments

  1. They provide an evaluation of an individual’s skills, abilities, values and personality that enhance job selection procedures.
  2. There are significant costs associated with poor recruitment and selection practices. Assessments
    help to provide a more informed appointment.
  3. Psychometric tests provide an objective account of an individual’s abilities, potential, behavioural style and interest.
  4. Information obtained from an assessment provides a useful framework to understand an individual’s potential strengths and areas for develop
  5. Relative to other methods of gaining information about an individual, psychometric tests have been found to be valid predictors of an individual’s abilities and behaviour.
  6. Appropriately used assessments provide predictive information of an individual’s capacity for training, and success on the job in the longer term.
  7. All true psychometric tests are statistically validated to a standard deviation which means results are very reliable

Our Platforms

  • Saville

    Saville is the latest thinking in management, executive and leadership assessments. They provide granular insight into preferences, aspects of personality and behaviour that go far deeper than a standard personality profile and which assess demonstrated workplace competencies.

  • Genesys

    We particularly like the cognitive range of assessments from this platform, which provide aptitude tests for staff from process workers to executives.

  • BSRP

    1st Executive is accredited in SPQGold, arguably the most effective sales assessment around today. Supported by 30 years of data, it measures sales call reluctance and is an accurate predictor of above average sales performance.

  • Ipsative Tests

    1st Executive has access to a broad range of assessments which can also be used to support outplacement, career development and recruitment.

Psychometric Testing

The use of Psych assessments is often met with slight hesitation as to how effective they are. Quite often, people don’t like doing them either.

However, assessments that look at attitudes, behaviours, preferences, aptitude and also elements of personality substantially reduce risk in hiring decisions. This is only true of “real” psychometrics – those that have established statistical validity and provide benchmark or “reference group” comparisons and in turn, these validate your responses to qualifications, experience and history. Don’t risk a wrong hire but don’t risk missing a good hire either.

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