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In our experience, if you are looking at Global Executive Search and Executive Recruitment you have some critical decisions to make about the leadership group in your business. Finding the best talent in your Global Executive Search exercise needs to be undertaken with a combination of diligence, reach, robustness and quite often discretion. Apart from our own extensive networks and sourcing capabilities, we tap into a global network of like-minded Global Executive Search and Executive Recruitment partners on every continent to deliver the best talent outcomes to our clients and quite often to those of our partners around Australia and overseas.

Discuss your needs with one of our Global Executive Search Consultants.

Separate the Great from the Good

In Executive Search and Executive Recruitment there is a massive correlation between what Jim Collins called long-term “Level 5 Leadership” in the C-Suite and generating shareholder value.  While many Global Executive Search processes will identify the professional will required for success, in our experience the values required to build enduring greatness are often overlooked. Having leaders that possess the right balance of these values and attributes is the key to long-term success. Our Global Executive Search and Executive Recruitment processes and partners worked tirelessly to separate the great from the good. 

There are endless talents out there, and we know that whether we are exploring the depths of our technologies or using our networks to look out across the major commercial cities of the world the Global Executive Search and Executive Recruitment work we do for our clients is a deep responsibility.

Finding good leaders is not too difficult, but finding great ones is a real challenge

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Successful Global Executive Search and Executive Recruitment is as much about revealing the hidden talents required to take a
business forward as it is about meeting the specific requirements of a brief. While we tap into a
worldwide network of global executive search and recruitment practitioners when we need to, we
are also tapping into our deeper understanding of the businesses we get to know, an appreciation of
what drives organisational culture and our own experience of working in senior corporate roles.



The Challenge

A San Francisco Partner won a global executive search project to place senior finance people in Tokyo for a global corporation based in the USA.

The Solution

Identification of specific skill sets and experience made identifying potential candidates possible, but severely limited the available talent pool. Once candidates were found, the real value provided to the partner and the client was in promoting the career opportunities a move to Tokyo provided. The successful placement was completed discretely, strategically and on time. The candidate was a
perfect fit, multilingual candidate who had the requisite experience and extensive knowledge of the
required USGAAP and JGAAP accounting standards.



The Challenge

An Australian owned global FMCG Brand required a Global Head of Innovation via a global executive search exercise.

The Solution

it’s one thing finding an executive with the requisite business skills and extensive experience in food chemistry. It’s another matter entirely finding a head of innovation who could add an exquisite sense of taste and feel for commercial flavours to his or her CV. 1 st Executive’s Global Executive Search process found the right candidate in Amsterdam and he even had full working rights in Australia.



The Challenge

A major US-based corporation needed a new Australian CEO and appointed 1 st executive as its global executive search partner.

The Solution

The global executive search process required managing multiple stakeholders as we sought to agree the brief, remuneration, and how to manage a selection process across three continents. Once agreed, extensive online sourcing and discrete approaches produced an enviable executive shortlist from which the successful candidate was selected. The candidate not only met current needs but also demonstrated the capacity to guide future long-term growth and business transformation.

Our Global Executive Search Teams

If your executive search and Executive Recruitment consultants lack insight they are probably feeding mediocrity.

History has identified flaws in the performance profiles of great people as diverse culturally and historically as Joan of Arc, Sir Richard Branson, Winston Churchill and Steve Jobs. Each flaw would have been enough to fail a standard screening process. Our team, some of the world’s best, can see through little flaws to identify potential greatness. They’ve usually been right where that leader is going, and they have been leading their own organisations for years.

Through our membership and shared ownership of NPA Worldwide, we have senior search consultants globally. These specialists are expert at finding, engaging with and assessing the best business executives and the geographies they cover, provide us with global reach to most of the world’s top leadership talent.

executive search
Meet Our Global Search Team
1st executive partners Andrew-Thoseby
Andrew Thoseby

Melbourne, Australia


1st Executive Pty Ltd


14 yrs in Recruitment/Search and 15 in C Level Corporate Roles

Strategic thinker and business executive with 30 years of executive corporate and entrepreneurial experience across retail, services, manufacturing, marketing, automotive, fmcg, consumer durables, IT and T, internet, entertainment, not for profit, government, consumer electronics and sports sponsorship and administration. Has worked extensively across EMEA, The USA, South East Asia and the Pacific as well as Australia and New Zealand.

1st executive partners
Suzanne Whitmarsh

Melbourne, Australia


1st Executive Pty Ltd


17 years in Executive Search

Suzanne is the founder of 1st Executive and has been a successful Human Resources professional for the last twenty years. Her main focus at 1st Executive is on executive recruitment, professional and personal development, coaching and mentoring, employment practices, team performance and facilitation.

1st executive partners Simone-Allen
Simone Allan

Sydney, Australia


Mondo Search


21 yrs Recruitment/Search & 18 yrs as Founder/CEO

Simone is the Founder and CEO of Mondo Search in Sydney Australia. Since starting Mondo Search in 1998, Simone has contributed to the careers of over 2000 senior executives and trusted alumni. During Simone’s 21 year career in Executive Search she has interviewed over 21,000 senior executives and she has gathered candid insights about leadership, workplace cultures, hiring, firing and identifying great talent.

1st executive partners natalie-gardner
Natalie Gardner

Manchester, United Kingdom


Pangaea Global Associates


7 years Executive Search

Natalie is the Managing Director and founder of Pangaea Global Associates in Manchester UK. As an ex Software Sales person who has worked for larger software companies and start-ups, Natalie decided to use her skills to help find the talent globally for similar organisations in the same space. Natalie specialises in finding CXO, Senior Appointments and Enterprise Sales/Technology talent across the globe for major software vendors and fast growth start-ups.

Why Choose Our Executive Search

Whether internal or external, if your Executive Recruitments tick boxes to shortlist, then they aren’t adding value. In fact, they are probably feeding mediocrity. Our Executive Search have identified flaws in the performance profiles of people as diverse culturally and historically as Joan of Arc, Sir Richard Branson, Winston Churchill and Steve Jobs. Each flaw would have been enough to fail a standard screening process. Then again, we don’t know of many other Executive recruiter as focused on retention as we are, nor do we know of many others who achieve our 90% fill rate while the industry often languishes below 30%.

If we meet organisations committed to retention, sometimes they aren’t really sure who they’d like to retain, or why. It’s even rarer that there is an economic model providing their answers. We’d love to tell you about how we provided an ROI of 57x to one client recently.

1st selection logo

1st Selection

Every month we meet, interview and assess some exceptional candidates – often leaving our clients with a real dilemma. Inevitably, only one is chosen, often leaving us with up to four hot, job ready executives – interviewed, assessed and reference checked. These are 6 figure package people – and the first number is rarely a 1.

1st Selection is your chance to get a Star Player on your team nearly instantly!

Click “Find Executives”  to detail your current needs and we will send you a short selection of recent candidate profiles within 24 hours.  Alternatively, you can give us a call on 03 8617 8120.

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