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Apply today and if successful you’ll receive the technology and know how to generate more sales and establish more clients through LinkedIn

You may have seen some of our posts referring to selling effectively on LinkedIn. Well, we recently came on board as an Ambassador for linkfluencer.  Since 2013, linkfluencer has built a successful methodology and refined an award-winning four step methodology for selling on LinkedIn which was labelled by Huffington Post as “The most powerful B2B lead generation strategy available online.”

Well, now, they’ve built a really amazing LinkedIn B2B software solution called Jayla that we are recommending to our clients. We are already using software and are seeing huge benefits.

In a nutshell, it’s designed to help generate and manage new business on LinkedIn much more powerfully and consistently without the bots and spam that can get your account banned.

It’s powerful, simple and effective!

To protect the quality and success of users’ LinkedIn campaigns, access will be limited by industry and geography. It’s not often you see a software company protecting your market interests like that!


We encourage you to apply now before your competitors do.

1st Executive has many years of experience in developing effective sales interventions, providing sales solutions and in sourcing exceptional sales professionals for our clients.

For a personal discussion about linkfluencer’s Jayla software  or any of our other services to help your sales spiral, just click here and we’ll be in touch.

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