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Mass recruitment does not equal a sacrifice in quality of candidates. Our process and experience in mass recruitment (or volume recruitment) ensure that the fiftieth hire is as good as the first. We’ve proven this in the past – keep reading to see how we did it.

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This free tool could save you at least $22,000 a month. Based on the average Australian weekly earnings (ABS Data, May 2020) and our expectation that businesses need to receive around $3 of value for every dollar of remuneration paid, having an unwanted vacancy in your team of just one month will cost you $22,280 – possibly more. Having a workforce plan that takes account of the likely changes and movements in your existing team is important. Adding in some basic succession planning allows you to manage the transition of team members to new roles and plan for new hires with minimal disruption and minimal loss of value. We hope you find this helpful


In full, on time and on budget

New projects, new locations, new initiatives are complex and disruptive. Good project management can choke on the human resources element and frequently does.


Navigating this successful is more about know how than it is numbers. Anyone can do the numbers, but tailoring a specific process and applying the right technology to sourcing and selection of large numbers of people quickly pays rich dividends. We have done this in transport, aviation, retail, IT, consumer electronics, civil engineering, water engineering and more. In full, on time, on budget – so that the project managers get to manage the project.

Case Study: 60 placements in a month over christmas

Recruitment processes alone were not going to secure enough candidates to staff the new Tigerair Brisbane base in around a month over Christmas. Understanding the demographics and mindset of the kind of employees wanted, we created a complete social media campaign, careers webpage, produced a high quality video, geared up some cool workflow software and allowed it to go viral.

Close to 2000 applicants were processed, 300 invited to assessment centre and nearly 60 employed.  We were even processing pre-employment documents in real time.

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Discover Global Executive Search and Executive Recruitment you have some critical decisions to make about the leadership group in your business. We will find the best talent in your Global Executive Search.

interim management

Discover opportunity for companies to execute change, new strategies, new initiatives or a host of other business execution challenges – without adding to permanent executive employee numbers.

1st selection

Discover your risk in hiring decisions and validate your responses to qualifications, experience and history.

Don’t risk a wrong hire but don’t risk missing a good hire either.

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Discover change management solutions to develop leader when problems arise, allowing leadership and staff development to make a difference to your business through immediate application.


Discover IT security professionals from SME’s to large corporates, to Defence. We have worked with specialist network and IT consultancies, cloud security and compliance and the largest professional services firms.

performance management

Discover the importance of setting valid objectives in line with business strategy and to develop the right skills and competencies while ensuring fluency in managing responsibilities.

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