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Custom Diagnosis

Management Consulting Resources

Use our calculators and diagnostics tools to identify areas in your organisation that need improvement; drive strategic decisions that will affect your long-term performance and facilitate change management.

Change Success Diagnostic

Only 30% of change initiatives succeed even though successful organizations manage to get success rates of 80%. Use our tool to discover where you currently stand and receive strategies and steps to improve your capacity to change.

Growth & Profit Solution

Our Growth and Profit Solutions (GPS) Business Diagnostic will help you determine exactly which part(s) of your organization needs to improve in order to experience more growth and profit.

Change Success Personal Diagnostic

sing Change Success Personal diagnostic, you can dramatically improve probability of personal change success by identifying areas for improvement and implementing strategies to achieve change success.

Leadership Diagnostic

Our new 2020 Leadership Diagnostic is a powerful, online tool that helps begin conversations about leadership strengths and opportunities to develop. It quickly gets to the heart of a number of leadership issues, all based on recent research, for either you, your team or both.