Systemic Transformation

An Introduction

Australia’s recent bushfire crisis demonstrated the challenge of transformational change. The range of leadership on display was enormous and the breadth of this shows Australia’s opportunity to role model world-class leadership in facing up to the transformation challenge.



While the media points the fingers of blame leaders in systemic transformation understand we all share the responsibility for change. Systemic thinking opens up opportunities and resources and an understanding of the power of individual mindsets and actions on the collective.

As we roll into the third decade of 21st century, there is anxiety about our future, multiple and unprecedented challenges and even the survival of our species. However, nature adapts, as do we in our tribes and groups, and organisations. All of which have tremendous power and influence to accelerate change. Who can forget the Victorian premier’s unrelenting commitment to communication or multiple fire service leaders capacity for calm response.



However, we also saw people, organisations and government that were under-prepared and we are seeing it again with the Corona virus challenge. A new narrative and leadership thinking around Systemic Transformation is recognising that time inevitably runs out and the acceleration of cultural shift, locally, nationally and globally is vital.


Change must happen simultaneously on a personal, tribal/team, organisational and macro level – all are connected. Transparency and vulnerability are imperatives for all leaders. Yet, people need to feel “safe” on this transformational journey. Leaders in communities, governments and businesses are starting to think systemically about change.

In conjunction with Xenergie Consulting, and a global co-hort of thought leaders, we are delighted to support the introduction of a unique professional development program to Australian leaders. Their Diploma in Organisational Culture Transformation sees its foundation module delivered in Australia for the first time.

Initially focussed on “big picture leaders” and likely practitioners, the overall program will be available to leaders at all levels and delivers internationally recognised Diploma accreditation

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The program Focuses on these professional development outcomes:

· Great insight to the systemic challenges today and how to reframe and approach working with them
· Ability to think and diagnose complex problems more widely and deeply, including some practical models to work with
· A greater understanding of self, groups, organisations and planet as a connected living system
· An outline roadmap for transforming living systems and the role of the systemic coach
· A greater sense of personal journey and direction in relation to change agency and taking up a role
· Time out for self care, recharge and reflection
· Individual coaching session to reflect on your learning

Introduction to the Advanced Diploma in Organisational Culture Transformation – Online Series

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Conscious Leadership – Why Leaders Need Coaching & the Personal Journey to the Greater Good

Mon, May 25, 2020 9:30 PM – 10:30 PM AEST

Join the Xenergie Coach Training faculty, Kieran Murphy and Gerry Ryan, in conversation with Lorna McDowell, Xenergie’s founder. Learn more about:
– What does coaching look like, specifically in the context of leadership?
– What is conscious leadership and how does coaching develop it?
– How can we view the stages of coaching development from newly appointed leader to enterprise leader?
– Why is a personal transformation journey so important in today’s world?
– Ways to start the next step on your coaching journey.


Humans and Robots

Humans and Robots – Integrating Well for a Better Future

Fri, May 29, 2020 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM AEST

The webinar will be conversational with opportunity to ask questions, and also an invitation to join us in further discussion. Participants will also learn more about Xenergie’s conscious leadership development programme and our action research towards the greater good, Clusters.


Guest speakers:

Jeanne Lim, previously of Hanson Robotics, creator of the world’s first robot citizen, Sophia, and now dedicating her work to understanding more deeply the ethical and human transformation that digital calls for

Mike Nicholls, a barrister and regulatory affairs specialist, advising banks and financial services companies on the moral and ethical responsibilities of corporations.


systematic resource

Enabling Value in M&A – How to Sustain the Spirit of Potential and Avoid the Spiral of Loss

It’s no secret these days that M&A is one of the main strategies for growth whether one is the acquirer or the acquired.

For most mergers and acquisitions, the “value story” focuses on the product and financials, business metrics, with little attention to the human value contribution to the M&A process.

At best, processes usually include some rather transactional approaches to cultural integration and communication, and at worst avoid them altogether in the race to acquire technology and release headcount as fast as possible to assume control, with unclear messages and waiting games fuelled with the potential to charge negative responses and returns.

The human experience represents far more than the wellbeing or compliance of people to the process, it involves a threshold experience for all involved, in…


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