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10 Must Have Capabilities for Business Leaders

Leadership Development that is on point with current needs and that is focused on improving business performance, sounds like an ideal but it is right where we do most of our advisory work. Over the last fifteen years, we have been part of a global group that believes that simplifying the complex in business is where business leaders need to be, and that working like this delivers tangible results.. Add to this, a real focus of working on real, live, business issues while learning and we have a powerful combination of leadership development that improves business results.

Staying on point is nothing more than asking business leaders about their needs and responding to them.

At 1st Executive, we have always believed collaboration is key. We are part of a global recruitment network, NPA Worldwide, which allows us to place candidates and fill roles in partnership with around 500 recruitment firms in  40 countries globally. We have also been part of Mindshop International for over 15 years. Mindshop is an Australian owned international network of business advisors and has just published its annual Business Leader Survey results.

The report, “Ten ‘Must Have’ Capabilities” identifies 10 essential capabilities that business leaders say they must have to thrive in 2017. These range from “Managing Millennials” to “Agility” and all ten cut across common themes of developing teams and enhancing capability and capacity. We’ve listed a summarized Top 5, download the full insights report by clicking the button below. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like some additional thoughts on any of these areas.

  1. Managing Millennials
    Understand the values and needs of this generation to align your employee engagement strategies which will improve their engagement and effectiveness.
  2. Lead by Example
    Embody the traits and values you want your staff to emulate to generate direct commercial results.
  3. Simplifying Complexity
    Focus on improving systems and processes, leveraging technology effectively so it works for you.
  4. Rapid Prioritisation
    Focus only on what is urgent & important rather than prioritising based on the ‘squeaky wheel’.
  5. Customer-Centric Business Model
    Re-imagine your business model by putting yourself in your customers’ shoes, how will you add value?

Number 6 – 10….download the Full Insights Report (for free of course)!

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