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Interim Management

Overqualified Leadership On-Demand


Executive Interim Management represents a custom designed ‘fast start’ opportunity for companies to execute change, new strategies, new initiatives or a host of other business execution challenges – without adding to permanent executive employee numbers.

Interim Managers

In the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of managing people and talent cost efficiently, change can be a challenge. In fact research shows that an unintended consequence of introducing change initiatives is that  most internally driven cross team projects fail to meet objectives?  The direct and opportunity cost of this is enormous.

Around the world Interim Managers have been used successfully to fast track change outcomes. Australia has the best conditions for Interim Managers to thrive yet one of the lowest adoption rates of Executive Interim Management in Western economies.

Looking for an Interim Manager? Take a look at our current selection of overqualified Interim Managers on our Interim Managers Board!

Our Research Paper

Australia will have one of the lowest take up rates of executive interim management as a percentage of total workforce population in the English-speaking world. There is an untapped opportunity for companies in Australia to accelerate growth by leveraging professional Interim Managers in the workforce.

We commissioned the research earlier in the year and have added desk research findings and industry insights prior to publication.

interim management research by 1st Executive
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