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Custom Recruitment

One Solution Never Fits All


Executive recruitment and selection conducted by people with executive management experience – you’d like to see that?

recruitment and selection - pareto

Do you know which 20% of your jobs produce 80% of your value? Or even more importantly, which 20% of your people produce 80% of your value?

Understanding how Vilfredo Pareto’s principle affects your organisation, specifically people and productivity, will deliver consistent results and a stimulated and satisfied workforce. If you want to improve recruitment then dealing with someone who understands the difference between running a successful business and ticking a checklist to fill a position will produce superior results.

Executive Search

Finding a Good Leader is Not Too Difficult - Finding a Great Leader is a Challenge!

Psych Assesments

1st Executive's psychometric tests reduce hiring risk decisions

Temp or Contract

Quality, Accessible, Scalable Temp and Contract Service

Recruitment Outsourcing

Outsource recruitment for better, faster, more financial results

Recruitment Practices

The right recruitment system can get you the perfect employee

Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning gives your business both security and vision

Recruitment Costs

Employment costs dwarf recruitment fees in wrong hires

1st Onsite

The RPO Model for Low Cost Talent Sourcing


Recruitment and Selection is the single most important activity that C Level Executives need to excel in for their businesses to succeed. What makes this challenge always the same, is that it is always uniquely different and challenging. So whether it is about finding the hidden gem in a mountain of talent in a developed economy such as Australia, the USA or the UK, or it is about helping a market like Myanmar find talent in a newly opened up society we have people on the ground both where you are, and where you are going.


We Know 40 Countries. You Don't Have To.


Single Contact, Global Connections.


Recruitment Where You Are and Where You Are Going.


Boutique Service, Superior Performance.

Our Markets


NPA is the world’s largest recruitment network with 500 locations across 6 continents including most major cities. At 1st Executive, we have worked with partners as far apart as Atlanta and Adelaide, Brisbane and Beijing, Canberra and Chicago, Sydney and Singapore, Hobart and Hong Kong, Melbourne and Manila and Perth and Portland. Whether you need to employ in a specific market or from a specific market – just about anywhere, we have the people on the ground to deliver a great and timely result.


All of those NPA Members around the world cover just about every industry and occupation you can think of – we even “meet” regularly in conference calls and online to ensure we are producing the best solutions possible. Just leave it to us to find a trusted specialist partner when needed.

Any questions?  We’re here to help!