ONLINE COURSE – Time Management


Here are a series great training courses from designed to help strengthen your work skills and personal development in three incremental stages; Foundation, Advanced and Specialist.

Time Management

If you speak to people either socially or in business and ask ‘How are you?’ the typical response from 95% of people is ‘really busy!’. Time Management (or another way to look at it as priority management) is a big issue for everyone. No matter whom you are, your social position, your personal wealth or your qualifications, you get issued with only 24 hours every day or 168 hours per week. No one gets any more. Some people however use their hours more effectively than others, how come they are more successful at managing their time?



  • Introduction and Goal Setting
  • Now Where How for Time
  • Time Waste Audit
  • Coveys Time Management Matrix
  • Must Should Could
  • Managing Priorities – RAFT Model
  • Delegation
  • Top 3 Actions for Time Management Course
  • Time Management Exam