ONLINE COURSE – Developing strategy in volatile times


Here are a series great training courses from designed to help strengthen your work skills and personal development in three incremental stages; Foundation, Advanced and Specialist.

Developing Strategy in Volatile Times

Most businesses today are operating in highly competitive, volatile and “cut-throat” markets. This course focus on tools and thinking to help develop strategies and actions to ensure your business remains strategically in the game.



  • Developing Strategy in Volatile Times Course Overview
  • Porter’s Five Forces
  • Share of Market Spend
  • Technology Impact
  • The Blank Canvas
  • Making it happen
  • Standing out from the pack – Developing your SCA
  • Global Opportunity
  • Lean Thinking
  • Contrarian Thinking
  • Analysing Competitor Strategy
  • Testing your strategy
  • Change Success Model
  • Measuring and Policing your Strategy
  • One Page Plan for Developing Stategy in Volatile Times
  • Developing Strategy in Volatile Times Exam